Where I would travel

If I could travel any where I wanted, there are many places I would go. My first stop would be Boise, Idaho because that is where my long time friend Brooke lives ever since she moved in Kindergarten. I have only seen her once since then. After that I would go to Washington to visit my cousins, whom I have not seen in about three years. My third place to go would be Chula Vista, California because it is my dad’s birth place. I would then travel around Europe and spend lots of time in Florence, Italy or in Greece. I would finish my trip by going and visiting everywhere in Africa and Australia. Next I would come home and write about my adventures.

Lets play a game now!

I visited: http://carolynb14.edublogs.org/2015/03/31/favorite-things/#comment-22 I said – My favorite thing about your post is your wordle. It’s a very unique idea and I think it is pretty cool.

I visited: http://rylie196.edublogs.org/2015/04/21/trouble/#comment-8 I said – Your post was interesting, because you included why, where and when the game was created.

I visited: http://2014velyn.edublogs.org/2015/03/26/can-you-guess-which-celebration-this-is/#comment-11 I said – Hi Evelyn. My name is Amber. I like your post a lot, my great grandma is from Ireland. I wish to visit there some day to learn about my families history. I did not know that St. Patrick’s day began in 1995, that is very interesting.

I chose the posts on these blogs because they peeked my interest and are very creative. My favorite blog post of the three is the last one because it gives me an opportunity to learn where my family came from and a little about my families history. I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I did.


If my family was stranded on an island with only our clothes, we would find sticks and sharpen them and use them to hunt and find food. Other than that we would draw circles in the sand and find rock and see who can throw it and make it in the circle or can get closest to the circle. We would also play tic tac toe in the sand, or see who can make a fire the fastest to boil water. See who can hunt down the biggest animal (my family loves hunting.) We could go swimming. Or, use our makeshift spears to use as a harpoon and go fishing.

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My Favorite Animal

My favorite animal is the arctic wolf. The arctic wolf’s scientific name is canis lupus arctos. An arctic wolf has two layers of fur. The first layer of fur acts as a waterproof barrier for the skin. This wolf’s ears are smaller and its muzzle is shorter so it can retain body heat. If you were to see an arctic wolf on its own, it does not mean that it is a lone wolf. The wolf could be looking for a mate, hunting or starting its own pack.

Their diet consists of arctic hares, caribou and muskoxen. Wolves have sharp teeth and powerful jaws, so that when they hunt animals that are bigger than them they can crunch the other animals bones and rip their flesh. Each wolf can eat up to twenty pounds of meat. Due to the cold, when a pack of wolves kill a big animal the meat can last up to seven days.


The storm

I was camping on the beach with my family, it was super fun. Even my grandparents had come. But, the fourth night we were there was really scary. First there was a minor earthquake in which we barely felt at all, but after that it got super stormy afterwards… Finish the story.

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Blog #4 – WWYD?

Dear Jayson,

Why would you let an evil witch go? Are you insane? Anyway, I have met Nero, he will want stuff like bars of gold and jade pendants and things of that sorts. Think of a solution to find the witch, after you have found her I suggest you tie her up (after you knock her out, of course.) Find your grandfather and save him. I mean seriously this should be common sense. Good luck! (I know that it isn’t very helpful, I just haven’t had that experience.)



The life of a stalker

I’ve been stocking for two years now. One day on my way to work, I saw a gorgeous strawberry-blonde with perfect, straight, white teeth and curly hair. You could see her from many towns away. To bad she’s a ginger with no heart or soul, (no offense to actual gingers.) That day on my lunch break, I got on my phone and looked for that girl on Instagram. I found her. Her name is Meghan Miller. All her picture ended up getting saved to my phone. She is 22, and adopted two little girls. It says in her bio that she’s single… Lucky me. When I was off lunch, my boss wanted me to work at customer service. That is when I quit my job so I could focus on one thing and one thing only. Meghan.

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Blog #3 – Know it all

Dear Jayson,

I know exactly how you feel when you say you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and can’t get out. If I were in Kendra and Seth’s situation, I would probably take the phone to call a cab and take me home. Or I would get a little creative and have some fun. Now I’m gonna write as Kendra. *Kendra’s thoughts* First Seth let monsters in to the house. Next Dale gets turned in to a statue, after that grandpa and Lena disappear. Then me and Seth milk a giant cow. And, this is all before I find out my grandma is a chicken, literally.




Partner Novel blog 2 – Connections

Dear Jayson,

My favorite character so far is Seth. This is because I can relate more to him, being the younger sibling and all. I think that the witch, Muriel Taggert, is that she’s as scary as a jack-o-lantern. Meaning she’s not scary or creepy at all. She is after all a fictional book character. The thought of fairies doesn’t really make me think of whether I like them or not. Fairies can get dull and boring to be honest. Back to Seth, Seth is a mischievous little boy. He’s like me in some ways, I like to go on adventures, but I also have common sense unlike Seth. I’m kind of having mixed emotions about him.




Partner Novel Blog 1-Character

Dear Jayson(dirk)


My favorite main character so far is Seth because he’s adventurous. He reminds me a little bit like me, but he gets into a lot of trouble. I like how he has “survival” things in a cereal box. I can also relate to Kendra a lot because I’m the more responsible child in my family. Out of ALL the characters (including the witch) who is your favorite?